Jacobi Geotechnical Engineering

Jacobi Geotechnical Engineering, Inc. was founded by Carl Jacobi in 1999. Carl has over 30 years of local geotechnical engineering and material testing experience. JGE strives to provide competent, responsive and responsible service to our clients. Our goal is to foster growth and profitability to our clients and JGE. We are dedicated to building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients through quality service that adds value to their projects. The experience and expertise of our key staff members are vital to providing innovative, technically sound, cost-effective solutions to our clients' geotechnical concerns.

Mr. Jacobi, as President and Principal of Jacobi Geotechnical Engineering, Inc., has technical and management responsibilities for the company. With approximately 35 years experience as a civil engineer, his primary focus has been in the geotechnical engineering field. He is familiar with foundation designs and other related geotechnical aspects for a wide range of soil and rock conditions including glacial, residual, alluvial and loessial soil deposits, permafrost or frost concerns, and limestone and shale. Typical project management duties include establishing budgets, developing drilling and laboratory testing programs, and report writing. Typical projects where he served as an engineer or manager include subsurface explorations for foundation design, slope stability analyses and stabilization designs for proposed and existing slopes, supervision of technical monitoring force during construction observation, and performing hydraulic calculations for reservoirs and sewer systems.

JGE is licensed to provide engineering services in Missouri and Illinois. We have errors and omissions, business, and worker's compensation insurance policies. We have a material license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the use of our nuclear moisture-density gauges, and are AASHTO Accredited.